Our direct milled polypropylene is a homopolymer pure blend. It is therefore stiffer and longer lasting than the copolymer variety commonly used in vacuum formed devices.


Our diabetech product is made from this soft yet durable foam based material. It out performs EVA in terms of pressure redistribution and compression tests and is ideal for the sensitive/at risk foot type.


Our graphite/nylon blend material. It is thin, lightweight and strong. It comes in semi flexible, semi rigid and rigid strengths. It is featured in our everyday carbon and cycle orthotic product. Aesthetically pleasing too.


Our EVA devices are fabricated by vacuum forming the heated material over a corrected MDF positive mould. We feel that this gives us a greater control in design and finish over milled EVA devices.

3D Printed Orthoses

New to Epione for 2019. Made from renewable raw materials, printed on the fantastic HP Multijet printers which provide great accuracy, design possibilities and part finish. They can be printed in virtually any flexibility that is requested and they come with all apertures, extensions and raises incorporated into the shell which helps with repeatability issues for 2nd orders. They are durable, lightweight and come with an attractive non slip coating.