At Epione Labs we offer a wide selection of top covering materials to suit the individual patients needs. The
covering material serves to improve the cosmetic appearance of the device, seal in pads, coverings and
extensions, aid in shock absorption and alter frictional characteristics. We source only the finest of materials
from all over the globe.

Here is our guide to understanding each materials properties and suitability for your patient.


  • Synthetic suede material
  • 1mm in thickness
  • Durable
  • Available in black only
Improved adherence and increased frictional property. Good for high control devices i.e MOSI or large degrees of inversion angle.


  • Nylon covered neoprene rubber
  • 1.5mm or 3mm thickness
  • Available in black only

Material of choice when cushioning and shock absorption is required. Durable material that bonds well to polypropylene shells.


  • A light, low density cushioning EVA material
  • Available in beige and light blue
  • 1.5mm and 3mm thickness

Used for the at risk foot type i.e rheumatoid, diabetic, neuropathic foot or diminished fatty padding.


  • The old favourite.
  • Closed cell rubberised foam
  • Available in 1mm/2mm and 3mm thickness
  • Durable and easy to wipe
  • Contours well into deep heel cups.
  • Available in black only

Not recommended when blistering is a problem (due to high frictional coefficient)


  • A soft, lightweight and durable EVA
  • 2mm thickness
  • Available in orange, blue, or orange/grey marbled.
  • Great mouldability to deep cups, apertures and flanges.
  • Easy to clean and long lasting


  • Attractive metallic finish.
  • Durable
  • Wipeable
  • 1mm thickness.
  • Available in black, blue, green and silver



A combination of lunasoft 2mm and a synthetic suede lining. Where a cushioned yet non slip top cover is required.


A combination of lunasoft 2mm and a 1.5mm neolon top covering layer. Offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption.


A combination of black ultra vinyl and 2mm green poron vive. Offers excellent energy return and durability.