A soft and forgiving device that benefits from great tear resistance and rebound. Perfect for the at risk foot type.


The Mosi is a specially formulated device designed to address a severe pes planus/medially deviated STJ foot type.


This high flanged polypropylene device offer maximum rear foot and mid foot control for the pes planus foot type.

3D Printed

3D printed orthoses are a new and exciting addition to our extensive range of bespoke orthoses. This device is made from the renewable raw material, castor oil. Unlike Milled devices, the manufacture of this devices involves no material waste and is therefore a great step forward in terms of environmentally friendly fabrication. The product is thinner and lighter than polypropylene with a similar flex yet faster rebound rate. This new technology allows devices to have many more variables incorporated. Zones of variable stiffness, met raises/domes/bars, apertures and flanges, rigid extensions and over 8 different types of posts are now possible. The plantar surface of the device features an engraved logo with client name and the surface finish is smooth yet non slip. Epione 3D printed shells are eco friendly, versatile, durable, lightweight and attractive.

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