Epione Digital Foot Scanner

Our digital foot scanning solution offers a quick, portable and affordable means of capturing an accurate 3D scan of your patients feet.

The Epione digital foot scanner is a combination of the Apple Ipad and occipitals’ Structure sensor scanner (Mark ii). We use a customised version of the foot scanning app, 3DSIZEME to capture the digital scans. Within the App you can complete our RX form digitally as well as taking photos of your patients feet to highlight any lesions or boney areas that we need to accommodate for in the design process.

The patients feet can be scanned accurately within 4-5 mins and along with the completed Rx form it can be sent directly to our lab via the dropbox link combined in the app.

We can supply the bundle at a cost of £850, this includes training and support. Alternatively you can purchase the structure sensor scanner from Amazon and install at your leisure. We provide access to our customised app coding at no charge.

The Occipital structure sensor scanner is now commonplace in the foot orthotic industry and provides excellent results eliminating the hassle of shipping your plaster casts or foam boxes to the lab.

If you require more information about this fantastic offering please contact us.