Rx BasicX order form

Orthotic prescribing the easy way. Our new Rx BasicX orthotic prescribing form has been designed to make it easier for practioners new to orthotic prescribing to understand and complete.

After listening to the views of many health care practitioners who are relatively new to orthotic prescribing, it became evident that most of the terminology currently used on orthotic prescription forms was simply too confusing for most. This would often lead to practitioners deciding against prescription devices and playing safe with a basic prefab.

Rx BasicX was designed to eliminate this problem. To take the fear factor out of orthotic prescription writing and improving your confidence and patient outcomes on the way.

With our Rx BasicX protocol, prescribing custom orthotics is made simple.

  1. Take a foam impression cast of your patients feet as illustrated in our guide.
  2. Download, print and complete our Rx Basics form which has been simplified to include terminology more widely acknowledged in the community. Pick from either plastic or foam based shell material, adjust the amount of control/correction you require and specify any pads or covering material suited to your patients needs. Please make sure that you read our Rx Basicx guide before you complete the form.
  3. Return your completed Rx BasicX prescription form and foam impression box to the lab for prompt manufacture.


Please feel free to Contact our podiatrist for help and advice regarding your orthotic requirements. Scott has over 15 years experience in clinical problem solving and orthotic fabrication and will be happy to assist you.