About us

At Epione we specialise in the design and manufacture of custom prescription foot orthoses.

Our orthoses are fabricated using a state of the art cad/cam manufacturing system. Your plaster casts/foam impression boxes are laser scanned into our cad design software. The individual prescription/design specification and cast modification are then applied.

The order then follows one of two paths: either a corrected mdf positive mold is milled and the chosen material is thermoformed or the device is CNC machined directly from a block of polypropylene. This diversity of manufacturing techniques gives us the flexibility to provide a wide range of orthotics from ultrathin carbon fibre devices to total contact eva devices. This technology has significantly increased our ability to produce precision accurate custom foot orthoses every time.

We offer a rapid turnaround time of 10 working days from receipt of order and a competitive pricing structure. The finished design of all devices is stored indefinitely and can be recalled and reproduced with great repeatability. Our high tech approach to orthotic design is couples with a high standard of skilled craftsmanship, a wealth of knowledge in the field of orthotic design, prescription writing and evidence based practice.

Our friendly team are always here to help ensure that you get the most from your devices and the best clinical outcomes for your patients. For peace of mind, all our polypropylene devices carry a lifetime guarantee against shell breakage.

Let Epione be your #1 choice for quality assured custom prescription foot orthoses.